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Technology has become essential during these difficult times. Even more so for maintaining communications between family and friends. With travel restrictions in place, people unable to get time off work and government guidelines limiting the number of attendees at family events, many have turned to alternative ways of keeping family and friends involved. 

The Virtual Guest provides a professional and discrete live streaming service, capturing all the key moments. Users are provided with a unique web link where they can view the event in real-time. After the event, a recording is provided on the same link and is made available for viewing for up to two weeks. 

With The Virtual Guest, virtually anyone can be invited as a guest to your special event. 


live stream your event across the world!

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Frequently asked questions

Q. There is no WIFI or internet connection at the venue, is that a problem?

A. No. We provide our own internet connection utilizing 4G/5G signals from multiple mobile broadband carriers.

Q. How do I view the event?

A. A webpage link will be provided before the event. This link can be accessed using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. It is recommended to visit the link before the event to ensure that your computer hardware and internet connection is working.   

Q. The video is not loading onto the link provided.

A. Check your internet connection and refresh the the webpage. 

Q. I am not available to watch the live stream, can I watch the event after it has taken place? 

A. Yes. A video recording of the event will be uploaded to the same link up to 48 hours after the event. The recording is made available for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Q. Is it possible to have a permanent copy of the event?

A. Yes. You can order a digital download, USB or DVD of the event. Get in touch using any of the methods provided here.

Q. Where can I find out more information?

A. Please get in touch using any of the methods provided here.